Bicycle and electric scooter batteries

This type will grow more in the future because they have many features, among these features are lightness, small volume and high capacity. Of course, we must also say that these types of batteries have a high price, but they are economical and have a long life.

Lead acid:
This type of battery is known as dry batteries. One of the prominent features of this battery is its abundance and recyclability. Apart from the features, they also have disadvantages such as being heavy and charging for a long time. Although these batteries are three times the size of lithium batteries, their capacity is half that of lithium.

Nickel Cadmium:
It can be said that these batteries are more appropriate and reasonable than Lidacid batteries in terms of capacity and volume, but they have a higher price and a shorter lifespan than Lidacid batteries.

These batteries have a longer lifespan than nickel cadmium and are more expensive.

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